Monday, April 30, 3007

Local PBS-Affiliates to Air Metrocom International Documentary “Where Do the Children Play?” in Fall

ANN ARBOR, MI—The complex story of children’s play, disconnection from nature and a host of problems that originate in how we live today, is the focus of a new documentary produced by Metrocom International for local PBS-affiliate WFUM-TV.

“Where Do the Children Play?” uses children’s own voices, supplemented with those of parents and experts, to examine key social issues affecting children's health and well-being. 

The program was funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation, and the Ruth S. Mott Foundation, the film explores the effects of endless suburban development, children's disconnection from the outdoors, the continuing boom of media and technology, crime and urban decay, and more.

Among the experts to be featured in the film are Dr. Stuart Brown, director of the National Institute for Play in Carmel, CA;  Dr. Elizabeth Goodenough, writer and activist from the University of Michigan; Dr. Kenneth Ginsberg of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia; Architect Claire Gallagher of Georgian Court University; Joan Almon, founder of the Alliance for Childhood, and Richard Louv, the acclaimed author of “Last Child In The Woods.”

“Where Do the Children Play?” is to be completed in June 2007 and aired by WFUM-TV in July.  WFUM-TV station manager, Jennifer White, says of the film, “It’s very gratifying for us to present this important documentary which sharply focuses one of the most critical issues of our time and asks what are we doing to our children?”

The film will air on other Michigan PBS-affiliates later in the fall, after which, “Where Do the Children Play?” will be submitted to National PBS for potential nationwide distribution to all PBS-affiliates.

Metrocom International is an Ann Arbor-based and EMMY award-winning production company whose president, Chris Cook, is the producer, writer, and director of “Where Do the Children Play?”  The film’s consulting producer is Mark Jonathan Harris, a journalist, novelist, and Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker.

CONTACT:  Christopher Cook, President, Metrocom International, 734.327.1910

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