July 16, 2008

Eugene International Film Festival

“Where Do The Children Play” has been accepted as an “Official Selection” of the 2008 Eugene International Film Festival.  Congratulations on your filmmaking skill, it speaks well for everyone involved in its production.

We extend a hearty invitation to you to attend the festival and enjoy the events, parties and screenings.  Please confirm that you have received your "Official Selection" notice and let us know if you will be attending the festival.

Send your confirmation and RSVP to info@eugenefilmfest.org by August 15, 2008 and two “All Access” passes will be placed in will call for your use if you and a guest are able to attend.  Because email addresses change it is important for us to know that you have been notified.  Your attention to this will be appreciated.

Regal Entertainment Group is a major sponsor of the festival, providing brand new state of the art theaters for the three day event.  The festival will be held this year on Friday, Saturday and Sunday October 3, 4 & 5, 2008 in Eugene, Oregon, USA at the Valley River Center and the Valley River Inn.

There will be an opening gala, workshops, and an elegant awards celebration.  Films to be honored as the best will be nominated from our “Official Selections” by a panel of judges.  Winners will be announced and trophies presented at the awards ceremony.

The Eugene International Film Festival is a boutique film market.  Two films signed to distribution deals at the 2007 festival are now available at Hollywood Video stores.  They are “Berkeley” and “The Garage.”

If you are fascinated by the 60’s, “Berkeley” is the film for you.  “The Garage” presents an engaging right of passage story.  A young man is faced with seeking his own destiny, or staying in a small Texas town with his new girl and taking over his fathers business, an automotive garage.

Join with your peers in a celebration of filmmaking excellence by attending the EIFF.  Again, congratulations on “Where Do The Children Play” becoming an “Official Selection.”

Mike Dilley, Executive Director
The Eugene International Film Festival Board

CONTACT:  Christopher Cook, President, Metrocom International, 734.327.1910 

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